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Connovation Research

Connovation has a dedicated research team who work and collaborate closely with scientists from New Zealand and overseas to seek innovative solutions to New Zealand’s pest problems. Where toxins are involved, every effort is put into developing products that have a minimal impact on the user, non-target species and our country.

Find research posters and scientific reports below.


Alternative Toxins

Feratox for Wallabies

Humane Toxins

Minimising Non target Impacts

Multi-Species Baits

Advancing PAPP Products for Predator Control


Improvements in Control Tools for Tb Vectors and Other Animal Pests

Toxic Baits and Delivery Systems for Island Use

Toxicity of Cholecalciferol to Rats in a Multi-species Bait

Zinc Phosphide in Paste Baits for Control of Possums, Rats and Mice


Brodificaoum Themed

Environmental fate & residual persistenc of brodifacoum in wildlife

Brodifacoum residues in target & non-target species

Laboratory & field studies of brodifacoum residues

Brodifacoum residue analysis in water, soil, invertebrates & birds

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