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Controlled Substance License

What is a Controlled Substance Licence?

A Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) is required to possess certain vertebrate toxic agents or fumigants. To purchase some of Connovation’s products you must have a CSL.  

The CSL shows you have the knowledge, experience and competence to safely handle hazardous substances.

List of Connovation products requiring a CSL are as follows:-

Cyanara50 Cyanide Paste

Feratox for control of Possums and Dama Wallaby

Feratox for control of Bennett's Wallabies

PredaSTOP for Feral Cats

PredaSTOP for Stoats


How do I get a Controlled Substance Licence?

To obtain a CSL you need an Approved Handler Test Certificate issued by a test certifier that covers the substances you need to use. This means you are suitably trained and proficient in the use of these substances. Information on how to obtain a licence and all other relevant information on CSL's can be found on Work Safe New Zealands site.



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