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NEW PRODUCT - IPC Rodent Bait Station
22 February 2016

DeRat Rodent Bait Station

IPC Rodent Bait Station is our No. 8 wire solution to provide an economical tamper-proof bait station that provides safety to non-target species and will hold a large quantity of rodent bait.

The IPC Bait Station will hold over 200 grams or 8 by 28g D-Blocks or D-Blocks Extreme bait to achieve greater rodent control coverage.  Baits are firmly affixed onto a metal frame within a plastic tube and they cannot be accessed by children, birds and other non-target species and they come with a small metal foot to firm on the ground when placed.

The IPC Bait Station is easy to load and check; is lightweight and reusable; ventilated and elevated – no wet bait and reduced predation by invertebrates; and is highly visible in white so can be easily located in the field for re-baiting. 

Frames and foots are also sold separately.

The image shows an IPC Bait Station from one end with D-Blocks secured inside and also of the plastic pipe cut in half to show how the baits are fitted.  


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