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A Bit Embarrassing....
1 September 2016
A Bit Embarrassing....

This blog is a bit embarrassing.  We live on a 20 acre property on the outskirts of Pukekohe and on half this property we have an orchard of avocado & feijoa trees.  My wife who runs the orchard has complained off & on over the last year that she has either heard possums at night, or that some of the fruit has been damaged by possum's.  We thought there may be one or two possums passing through the property on their way to greener pastures & I admit I did not do a lot about it.

Last week I set a Possum Master trap up by my home office.

And caught a possum the first night.  And caught a possum the second night.  And caught a possum the third night.  We are up to 12 possums & 3 joeys in the space of 10 days.  


1) we had no idea we had some many possums in the vicinity; 

2) the possum master is a very effective trap in an urban environment; and

3) it is a safe & easy trap to set.

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