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Ferafeed Blue Smooth in a Tube
RC664-1A, RC664-1B, RC664-2

Ferafeed Blue Smooth in a Tube

Product Features

  • Smooth in a Tube is a non-toxic, sweet blue paste designed to attract possums and rodents to traps and bait stations.
  • Lured with cinnamon flavour and proven to be highly palatable to target animals. If you would like SIAT unlured or lured with another flavour, please let us know.
  • Ideal companion bait for pre-feeding possums before applying Cyanara 50 encapsulated cyanide paste.
  • Research has established that pre-feeding prior to laying poisonous baits greatly enhances the success of control operations.
  • Used by The Department of Conservation and other leading pest controllers and conservationists.
  • Only top-grade ingredients used.

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