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Connovation Ltd is unique compared to other pest control suppliers in that we have a dedicated research, development and commercialisation team who collaborate closely with university research institutes and government organisations including the department of conservation and TBfree New Zealand. Our research team is multidisciplinary including ecologists and engineers as well as formulation and toxicology experts.

We have experience providing pest control solutions in New Zealand and internationally.

Our research provides innovative and novel solutions to pest problems with a proven track record of undertaking research with commercial realisation.

Examples of this include the registration of PredaSTOP for stoat and feral cat control. Bait-Rite for possum and feral pig control and ZAP for possum control. The only three new vertebrate toxic agents registered in New Zealand in the last 30 years.

New toxins and baits are being researched and developed with improved safety, low residue risk and welfare as primary considerations.

Our current research involves integrating these new toxins into advanced delivery systems to enable long-term suppression of pest populations.

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