Product Labels

Product Labels

Bait-Rite Paste for Feral Pigs and Possums (100g/kg Sodium Nitrite)

Bait-Rite Paste 2.5 kg 

Bait-Rite Paste 5.0kg

Bait-Rite Paste 10.0kg


B-Block for Rats and Mice (0.05g/kg Brodifacoum and 0.01g/kg Denatonium Benzoate) 

B-Block - 1 Block

B-Block - 3 Blocks

B-Blocks - 25 Blocks

B-Blocks - 50 Blocks

B-Blocks - 600 Blocks


D-Block for Rats (0.05g/kg Diphacinone)

D-Block 1kg

D-Block 2kg

D-Block 4.5kg

D-Block 10kg


D-Block Extreme for Rats (0.05g/kg Diphacinone)

D-Block Extreme 1.0kg

D-Block Extreme 2.0kg

D-Block Extreme 4.5kg

D-Block Extreme 10kg


D3 Rat One Feed Bait (4g/kg Cholecalciferol)

D3 Rat One Feed Bait 4.5kg

D3 Rat One Feed Bait 10kg


Feracol for Possums and Rats (8g/kg Cholecalciferol)

Feracol Paste 4.5kg

Feracol Paste 10.0kg


Feratox for Bennetts Wallabies (475g/kg Potassium Cyanide)

Feratox Pellets 50 Bottle

Feratox Pellets 250 Bottle

Feratox Pellets 2500 Bottle


Feratox for Possums and Dama Wallaby (475g/kg Potassium Cyanide)

100, 500 and 5,000 Feratox Pellet Bottles


RatAbate Paste for Rats (0.05g/kg Diphacinone)

RatAbate Paste 4kg

RatAbate Paste 10kg

RatAbate Paste 20kg


PredaSTOP for Feral Cats and Stoats (410g/kg Para-aminopropiophenone)

Feral Cats