Product Labels


Feracol for Possums and Rats

Feracol Paste 4.5kg

Feracol Paste 10.0kg

Feratox for Bennetts Wallabies

Feratox Pellets 50 Bottle

Feratox Pellets 250 Bottle

Feratox Pellets 2500 Bottle

Feratox for Possums and Dama Wallaby

Feratox Pellet 100 Bottle

Feratox Pellet 500 Bottle

Feratox Pellets 5000 Bottle


Feratox BioBag 12 for Possums

Feratox BioBag 12


RatAbate Paste for Rats

RatAbate Paste 4kg

RatAbate Paste 10kg

RatAbate Paste 20kg

PredaSTOP for Feral Cats and Stoats

Feral Cats