Bait-Rite for Feral Pigs & Possums

Product Features

  • Bait-Rite Paste is an effective humane tool for multi-species control of feral pigs and possums.
  • The active ingredient is encapsulated sodium nitrite and is  palatable to pigs and possums.
  • Biodegradable with no persistent residues and no risk of secondary poisoning.
  • Best results are achieved by prefeeding; this educates the target animals to bait placements and also ensures sufficient bait has been put out.
  • As per our best practice the recommended prefeed to use before applying Bait-Rite Paste is our specially formulated Ferafeed, a variant of the 213, called Bait-Rite Prefeed Non-Toxic Paste.
  • For pig control you must use self-closing bait stations and for possums place bait into possum bait stations such as the Philproof Large or Mini.
  • No licence is required to purchase and use. 
  • The Environmental Protection Authority permission form must be completed before feral pig control operations can commence

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