Bait Station - Tunnel

Product Features

  • We wanted a Rodent Bait Station that was a tunnel rather than a box.  The ability of the rat to see an exit makes entry into the Bait Station more attractive resulting in a great interaction with it.  The Rodent Tunnel Bait Station is our solution.
  • Rodent Tunnel Bait Station will hold over 200 grams of D-Blocks bait to achieve greater rodent control coverage.
  • An economical tamper-proof bait station for housing D-Blocks, D-Block Extreme and B-Blocks rodent bait for the control of rats and also mice.
  • Bait is secured on a metal frame that makes it difficult for a child, pet and bird to access the bait.
  • Easy to load and check and light-weight and re-usable.
  • Ventilated and elevated - no wet bait and reduced bait predation by invertebrates.
  • Highly visible in white so can be easily located for re-baiting.
  • Made in New Zealand.

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