Chew Cards 20 pack

Product Features

  • Chew cards are an innovative one-of-a-kind product used to detect the presence of a range of small mammals including rats, mice, stoats, cats, possums and hedgehogs
  • Unique bite or tooth mark impressions left behind on the Chew Card indicate what animal you are dealing with
  • Cards are filled with a non-toxic and highly palatable formulation. There are 3 variations:
    • Herbal Peanut - this is the most common variety and is good for possums & rodents
    • Peanut only - some customers prefer this mix where the detection of  rodents is the focus
    • Peanut Lure only - for use where the users may have a peanut allergy, for example in schools and educational facilities. 
  • For domestic use as well as for professional pest control operations.
  • Easy and ready to use- just fold in half and nail onto a tree or fence post.
  • Weather resistant.
  • For a detailed & valuable guide to interpreting Chew Bite marks, please refer to the Landcare Research paper found at

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