Smooth Aniseed Lure

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Smooth Aniseed Lure - for possum control

Non-toxic lure/prefeed

Guess what's the newest favourite? The pink smooth lure. Smooth is ofcourse well-known to attract possums and now with a blend of aniseed, this lure has raised the bar in every aspect.

Use Smooth as a lure or prefeed to attract possums to traps and bait stations. 

Research shows prefeeding is the key to successful control operations. That’s because target animals become familiar with the flavour and delivery method of a non-toxic prefeed before toxic baits are given in the same way.

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  • Only top-grade ingredients used
  • Water resistant
  • Get another flavour – let us know if you’d like another flavour lure (or unlured). Cinnamon Smooth Lure is a proven winner with target animals.