Timms Conversion Kit

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Timms trap conversion kit

Got a Timms trap floating around somewhere? Make even better use of it and convert it into a tree-mounted possum kill trap - a Flipping Timmy, instead of its usual ground-mounted position.

Advantages of a Flipping Timmy include an easier set, release, and reset – no more bending over! And the catch stays fresher because it hangs off the ground.

The Timms conversion kit includes:

  • a base for your existing Timms trap
  • screws, etc
  • instructions.

It's quick and easy to convert, and makes one of the best known possum traps in New Zealand even better!

For more options, see our range of possum control products.


  • Attach existing traps – as long as their bases haven’t been pulled out of shape
  • Blaze the tree – the trap is tree-mounted, which means you can also blaze (put a strip of colour on a branch or the trunk) the tree to attract possums

  • Catch is held off the ground – animals caught in mounted Timms traps are less prone to rapid decomposition than those in ground-based traps

  • Quick reset time – clear, re-bait, and reset in seconds
  • Ideal for use with – our trap lures, terracotta lures, and Lure-It sprays
  • Buy the Timms trap separately, or buy the trap and conversion base together
  • Go one better! – get the real deal, the Flipping Timmy possum trap (same proven trap mechanism as the Timms but with sturdier components)

Instruction videos