DOC 150 Safety Strap

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Safety strap for DOC 150 trap 

Ever got your hand stuck in a DOC trap when you reset it? This safety strap lets you clear, rebait, and reset any DOC trap with your hands well clear of the plate.

Combine it with the Terra Don trapping tool to pick up, scrape out, and throw clear any catches – your hands will love you.

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  • Eliminate the fear factor – opens the door for more involvement from users –  young and old
  • Safely unset a trap – use the Terra Don to tap the trigger plate, while controlling the spring tension with the safety strap
  • Set the trap after it has been serviced – when the trap lid is secured and closed
  • Reset the trap without opening the lid – if the trap’s gone off but bait is still fresh and intact
  • Check from a distance – the safety strap clearly shows whether the trap is live or has gone off – either reset or leave without disturbing the surrounding area

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