D-Block Extreme

Product Features

  • D-Block Extreme is the D-Block to be used in damper environments. D-Block uses fresh grains and foods to achieve maximum palatability - we sacrifice a longer shelf life to achieve this - rats do prefer to eat grains & nuts rather than wax. Each D-Block Extreme block bait has a unique coating and has been developed to give the bait an extended field life and is ideal for use in damp and humid conditions. 
  • D-Block Extreme is a 0.05 g/kg diphacinone long-life hard block bait made with the superior Connovation formulation- the first choice for all discerning rats. 
  • Each hard block bait is triangularly configured and weighs 28 grams.
  • Made with the active ingredient diphacinone- specially chosen for its minimal impact on the environment, making it ideal for environmentally conscious users as used by the Department of Conservation and other leading conservationists and pest controllers.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • To prevent bait caching, a hole through the centre of each block allows baits to be easily secured onto internal bait station spikes, wired, nailed or tied into place.
  • Antidote readily available.

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