Safety Strap for DOC traps

Product Features

Ever got your hand stuck in a DOC trap when you reset it? This safety strap lets you clear, rebait, and reset a DOC trap with your hands well clear of the plate. 

Combine it with the Terra Don trapping tool to pick up, scrape out, and throw clear any catches – your hands will love you. 


  • Eliminate the fear factor – opens the door for more involvement from users - young and old.
  • Safely unset a set trap – use the Terra Don to tap the trigger plate, while controlling the spring tension with the safety strap
  • Set the trap after it has been serviced – when the trap lid is secured and closed
  • Reset the trap without opening the lid – if the trap’s gone off but bait is still fresh and intact
  • Check from a distance – the safety strap clearly shows whether the trap is live or has gone off – either reset or leave without disturbing the surrounding area

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