DOC Safety Strap


This simple conversion, when used with the Terra Don multi-tool, makes the DOC series of traps safe and easy to operate. With no need for hands to enter the trap, the user has total control of the trap mechansism, trap clearing and rebaiting, whoch can be all done with hands totslly clear of any danger.

A quick modification that optimises your trapping efforrts and enjoyment.



  • With safety concerns eliminated and the frear factor reduced, this system opens the door for more involvment from all levels of users - both young and old.
  • You can safely unset a set trap using the Terra Don to tri the trigger plate, whike controlling the spring tension with the pull trap.
  • The trap can be set after the it has been serviced and when the trap lid is secured closed. 
  • If the trap has gone off but teh bait is still fresh and intact, the trap can be reset again without opening the lid.
  • The pull strap clearly shows whether the trap is live or has gone off. This allows the user to engage or lerave for now, from a distane, without disturbing the surrounding area. 

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