Feracol Strikers

Product Features

  • The Feracol Striker is designed to control both possum and rats, making it a practical and cost effective solution to your pest problems.
  • One Striker is sufficient to kill one possum or four to five rats depending on size. 
  • Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) is an environmentally responsible choice and won’t harm the environment.
  • The Feracol Striker is filled with 18g of Ferafeed 213 with Cholecalciferol added, and is waxed for weather protection. The Striker is also biodegradable.
  • No licence is required to purchase and use this product.
  • Ideal for use on farms, orchards and lifestyle blocks.
  • Caution: Extreme care is required to ensure the product is not used around domestic pets; exclude dogs from the area of use as they are very suceptible to cholecalciferol.

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