Feracol Strikers


  • Cholecalciferol/Vitamin D3 8g/kg


  • A Ready to Use product. 18g of Ferafeed 213 with Cholecalciferol added, in biodegradable potato starch bait stations. These are glued to a strip of card and dipped in wax to weatherproof the product
  • Feracol’s active ingredient is Cholecalciferol /Vitamin D3, a naturally occurring, biodegradable substance which becomes toxic in high doses
  • Feracol has minimal effect on birds and is often used where it is paramount that birdlife is not affected 
  • One Striker is sufficient to kill one possum or four to five rats depending on size. 
  • After animals have tampered with the Striker, it starts to degrade and completely breaks down in the field over a matter of weeks. Clean up may not be necessary.
  • Ready to be stapled directly onto a tree or suitable pole
  • Designed for use in one-off or short-term pest control situations where permanent bait stations are not required
  • Appropriate bait station warnings already printed on cardboard backing card
  • No Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) required
  • Ideal for farmers, orchardists and lifestyle block owners


  • Biodegradable with no lasting toxic residues
  • Minimal risk of secondary poisoning
  • Minimal risk to native birds and non-target species


  • Use in accordance with the Safety Data Sheet for Feracol


  • Prefeeding strongly recommended
  • Extreme care is required when this product is used around domestic pets
  • Exclude dogs and cats from area of use as they are very susceptible to cholecalciferol
  • For more information about this product see our Best Practice guidelines for Feracol



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