Ferafeed 213 Paste

Product Features

  • Ferafeed 213 is Connovation's most popular prefeed in the Ferafeed non-toxic paste range
  • Attracts possums, rodents, and wallabies to traps and bait stations.
  • Ferafeed 213 is highly palatable to target animals. Uses top human food grade ingredients such as peanut butter and mixed grains.
  • Designed to be used before, and alongside toxic baits.
  • Research has established that pre-feeding prior to laying poisonous baits greatly enhances the success of control operations as it allows the target species to become familiar with the flavour and delivery method prior to poisoning.
  • Used by The Department of Conservation and other leading pest controllers and conservationists.
  • Paste options are designed for placement in permanent or fixed bait stations and prevent bait caching and encourage bait station feeding.

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