Feratox Bio Bag 12g

Product Features

  • The Feratox Bio Bag is a biodegradable bait station that offers a convenient and humane method of controlling possums.
  • The Feratox Bio Bag contains Ferafeed non-toxic 213 paste with one Feratox Pellet added (containing Potassium Cyanide). Or with 215 rodent repellent paste with one Feratox Pellet.
  • Feratox Bio Bags are easy to use as you simply staple to the side of a tree branch or trunk or place in bait stations. 
  • Ideal for large scale possum pest control operations and also convenient for possum fur recovery as possums die near the Bio Bags.
  • Simply place where there is evidence of possums and follow label and best practice recommendations.
  • A Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) is required to purchased, store and use these products that contain Potassium Cyanide.

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