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D-Blocks Proves Highly Effective for Rodent Control
23 March 2015
I purchased some D-Blocks with diphacinone active ingredient to control rats and mice at my property which is semi rural.  When I received the product, I was surprised that mice were not on the label claim.  I mentioned this to a local farmer who was using D-Blocks and he said the same too but then went on to say he effectively controlled a high mouse population in his implement shed and barn.  
I wanted to use the product to control mice in and around my aviaries which are quite extensive.  Every autumn mice start to move indoors and invade my aviaries and numbers can build to high levels very quickly if left unchecked, then it becomes quite difficult to get on top of them and bring them under control.
I too have found D-Blocks to be a very effective rodenticide product for controlling mice and also rats. 
Eric Dodd
Environmental Programme Coordinator (Animal Biosecurity) 
Horizons Regional Council