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Lure Update
15 February 2016


Lure-It Aerosols.  Our Lure-It aerosol lures for possums, rodents and mustelids continue to prove a very popular choice by Councils to Contractors to Professional Possum Trappers and to General Public. 

All aerosols are transparent and highly fragrant in a 400ml can that will readily lure in your target pests to sprayed sites; be it bait or trap placements.  Plus aniseed and cinnamon for possums also comes with a white visual blaze for added drawing power.  The white visual blaze will last several months continuing to lure possums.


Solid States.  Developed specifically to lure possums, particularly in areas where low possum numbers prevail.  They are very effective and feedback from the field is that they will continue to smell of lure for 2 months then need to be re-charged and sometimes this may even be for longer periods if they are not exposed to the elements (in trap boxes).  The best option for re-charging to get the longest ongoing lure smell emitting from them is to do as we do when we make them and that is to place directly into the concentrated lure of your choice.  Each Solid State will suck up lure and become entirely full of lure.    The Solid States can also be sprayed with Lure-It lure but they will obviously not last nearly as long before requiring re-luring.