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New Feratox Bio Bag 12 SDS
13 October 2016

New SDS Uploaded for Feratox Bio Bag 12.

We have uploaded a new SDS for Feratox Bio Bag 12.  The changes have come about primarily because of the inability to source Amyl Nitrate in New Zealand.  The exporter from the USA was unwilling to continue to export the product when it was acknowlegded that it was of marginal benefit only if it was inhaled in conjunction with oxygen.  As it was entirely impracticable to carry oxygen (and you would need a licence to do this) into the bush, its benefit was questionable.  In conjunction with TBfree, Department of Conservation & the National Poisoins Centre, we have revisited & updated our SDS to provide more guidance on the Personal Protective Equipment recommended when using Fertaox Bio Bag 12 during the various phases of its life cycle, while at the same time, removing the recommendation that Amyl Nitrate be carried when using this product.

Please read the updated SDS for this product.