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Flipping Timmy: the new trap on the block
4 September 2018

Got a Timm’s trap? Even if you haven’t already got one you may be interested in an innovative new mounting device for these traps.

It's called the “Flipping Timmy”

The stand-out advantages of the mounted version of a Timms Trap are:

  • Height makes it easier to set-release-reset the trap. No bending required
  • Setting and releasing the trap is simple and safe -- just pull the cord
  • Animals caught in the traps are less prone to rapid decomposition than those in ground-based traps … Now that’s REALLY nice.

For those of us with a thrifty streak there is an unexpected bonus with the Flipping Timmy. If you already have a Timms Trap it may still be possible to attach it to a Flipping Timmy -- providing the base hasn’t been pulled out of shape.

We have posted some excellent instructional videos on our website showing how to assemble the mounting unit, attach the trap, mount it on a tree, and set the trap (complete with lure)

Its all there at …