Possums are considered a large pest problem in New Zealand.  They are a threat to New Zealand’s beautiful natural environment. Much of New Zealand enterprise and trade depends on New Zealand’s natural resources which are constantly under threat from these pests.

Possums in New Zealand are carriers of bovine tuberculosis (Tb). They can spread the disease to other mammals such as deer and cattle so they pose a huge threat to New Zealand farming industries.

Connovation offer a range of possum pest control products from lures and pre-feeds, to bait stations and poisons. We also offer a range of unique monitoring and recording products.

Products may be purchased individually or in bulk. We also offer Possum Pest Product Packs which contain a range of products, tailored to suit the unique needs of each customer.

To learn about the best way to deal with your possum problem humanely and how to use Connovation's range of products successfully, have a look at our product brochures, best practice guidelines, product labels and safety data sheets.