PredaStop for Feral Cats


  • PredaSTOP or sometimes referred to as PAPP is a new generation of toxicant that has been developed in New Zealand to control stoats and feral cats.
  • PredaSTOP offers a humane single feed method of controlling stoats.
  • It is a poison with rapid effects, causing stoats to become  unconscious within approximately 45 minutes.
  • PredaSTOP is biodegradable with a low toxicity. It rapidly breaks down in the body so it doesn’t remain toxic so as not to pose a threat by second poisoning.
  • PredaSTOP is a cost effective method, approximately 20% of the cost of traditional trap based control methods.
  • One 2.2 gram syringe will achieve 61 doses and one 4 gram pottle will provide 114 doses.
  • As per label directions, place into highly palatable meat baits for use only in bait stations.
  • A Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) is required to purchase and use.

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