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Chew Cards - for possum, rodent, stoat, feral cat, and hedgehog monitoring

Find out what your pest problem is before you spend time, money, and effort controlling the wrong pest. Or monitor how your pest control is progressing. Use our innovative chew cards to do this.

Filled with a non-toxic palatable paste, these cards attract small mammals which bite and chew the cards. Click here to identify the chew marks using our guide to see what species are around (and what’s not), for example:

  • possums
  • rats
  • mice
  • stoats, ferrets, weasels
  • feral cats
  • hedgehogs
  • rabbits

Use chew cards for professional pest control operations, or in and around your house.

For more options, see our range of monitoring and recording products.


  • Easy and ready to use – just fold in half and nail onto a tree or fence post
  • Weather resistant – made from corflute (what your average real estate sign is made from)
  • Large-scale or small-scale - domestic use and professional pest control operations
  • Choose from 4 varieties:
    • Herbal peanut – good for possums and rodents (and the most common variety) 
    • Peanut only – some customers prefer this mix when detecting rodents is their focus
    • Synthetic Peanut – for places where users may have a peanut allergy, for example schools and educational facilities
    • Aniseed - good for possums 

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Bite Mark Identification Guide

Find out how to identify species from their bite mark impressions on chew cards here.

- with thanks to Tom Agnew, Zero Invasive Pests (ZIP)