Terracotta Trap Lures

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Terracotta trap lures - for possum, rodent, stoat, and feral cat control

Attract animal pests to your traps with our terracotta lures. These lures are particularly good when you're targeting possums, stoats and feral cats, but don't want rats to eat the lures first.

Terracotta is strong, longer-lasting, and holds a lure scent well. And they're reusable. When the scent dissipates, just recharge the lures by soaking or spraying with our Lure-It range.

Cylindrical in shape, terracotta trap lures have a hole in the middle and fit in a range of traps. Another option is to use them near bait sites to attract target animals.

For more options, see our range of possum, rodent, stoat, and feral cat control products.


  • Great for areas with high rat numbers – and the longer the lures are exposed to other target animals, the higher the catch rate
  • Strong-smelling – the lure is pulled into the centre of the clay and lasts for one month or longer (depending on weather conditions and resistance to being eaten)
  • Reusable – soak them overnight in Lure-It or spray with Lure-It pump bottle when the scent dissipates
  • Easily attached – slide onto bait hooks or wire or tie them in place
  • Measure – approximately 18 x 35mm
  • 10-pack or 50-pack
  • Choose from a range of scents