Rats are a serious threat to New Zealand’s environment. They raid the nests of native birds and also feast on the berries, fruit and seeds that our native birds rely on. Historically, they are responsible for the decline of the bellbird, robin, stitch bird, saddleback and piopio. Today, with fewer species available, they prey upon small forest birds like fantail. Even our larger native birds such as kereru and tui are being killed by rats.

Connovation offer a range of products specifically designed for the control of rodents. These include lures, prefeed non-toxic baits, traps, environmentally friendly biodegradable poisons and bait stations. We also offer a range of unique monitoring and recording products.

To learn how to deal with your rodent problem humanely and how to use Connovation's range of products successfully, have a look at our product brochures, best practice guidelines, product labels and safety data sheets.