Smooth lure

Product Features

Guess what colour possums are attracted to?! The popularity of this sweet, blue, non-toxic paste should give you a clue. Rodents (rats and mice) like it too – although that might be its cinnamon lure.

Use Smooth as a lure or prefeed to attract possums and rodents to traps and bait stations. It works well as a prefeed for possums before using Cyanara 50 encapsulated cyanide paste.

Research shows prefeeding is the key to successful control operations. That’s because target animals become familiar with the flavour and delivery method of a non-toxic prefeed before toxic baits are given in the same way.


  • Only top-grade ingredients used
  • Water resistant
  • Used by experts - the Department of Conservation and other leading conservationists and pest controllers
  • Get another flavour – let us know if you’d like another flavour lure (or unlured). Cinnamon is a proven winner with target animals, though

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