There are three species of mustelid in New Zealand: stoats, ferrets and weasels. Originally introduced into New Zealand in the 1800s these animals have flourished in their new environment. Weasels and ferrets prefer to live in open country, preying on insects, lizards and bird life. Stoats, unfortunately, have adapted well to living in the New Zealand bush. There they prey on our precious native birds and their young. 

Mustelids pose a threat to our farming industries. Wild ferrets can carry bovine tuberculosis (Tb) which they can spread to cattle and deer herds. Mustelids are also a threat to poultry farms, as they attack chickens and eat eggs.

They also attack domestic pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs.  

Connovation offer a range of products designed for the control of  stoats, ferrets and weasels. These include lures, traps and an eco-friendly biodegradable poison. We also offer a range of unique monitoring and recording products.

To learn about the best way to deal with your mustelid problem humanely and how to use Connovation's range of products successfully, have a look at our product brochures, best practice guidelines, product labels and safety data sheets.