Terra Don

A fun, light weight multi-tool that makes easy work of clearing and rebaiting your DOC traps - safely and hygienically. Especially designed for the DOC 150/200/250 series of traps, but a great tool for clearing and cleaning-off any trap.


  • The Terra Don's angled head allows you to see past it inot the trap where you are working;
  • It allows you to safely rebait and set a DOC trap witgout un-setting it;
  • This tool is also used for cleaning out our D-Rat traps;
  • The hooked beak feature allows for quick removal of old bait and any remenants of the catch. It allows you to discard yout catch away from your trap;
  • Made from re-cyclable high grade nylon 6 polymer to ensure maximum duarability and long service life, the highky polished and smooth surfaces allows swipe-cleaning on surrounding foliage or grass.

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