Terracotta Trap Lures

Product Features

  • The Terracotta Trap Lures are cylindrical, have a hole through the cente and are approximately 20mm long by 10mm wide.
  • They are strong smelling as the lure is pulled into the centre of the clay and continue to lure animals for long periods, one month or longer depending on weather conditions and resistant to being eaten.
  • They can be used in conjunction with trapping; slid onto bait hooks or wired/tied in place. And, can be used near bait placement sites as an additional attraction to target animals.
  • Unlike other trap baits they won't get ratted out.
  • One of the real advantages of the Terracotta Trap Lures is they can be re-charged with lure as the scent dissipates. Either select from Connovation's bulk lure range and place into lure overnight to let them soak up the scent or they can be sprayed with Lure-It transparent lures in spray bottles.

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