Terracotta Trap Lures - Possums

Product Features

Attract possums to your traps with our terracotta lures. And don’t worry about the rats getting them first!

Terracotta – strong, longer-lasting, and holds the lure scent well. When the scent dissipates, recharge the lures by soaking or spraying with our Lure-It range.

Cylindrical in shape, they have a hole in the middle and fit in a variety of possum traps. Or use them near bait sites to attract possums as well.


  • Great for areas with high rat numbers – and the longer they’re exposed to possums, the higher the catch rate
  • Measure approximately 18 x 35mm
  • Strong-smelling – the lure is pulled into the centre of the clay and lasts for one month or longer (depending on weather conditions and resistance to being eaten)
  • Reusable – soak them overnight in Lure-It or spray with Lure-It pump bottle or aerosol transparent spray when the scent dissipates
  • Easily attached – slide onto bait hooks or wire or tie them in place

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