Trap Lures 18x35mm - Possums

Product Features

Attract possums to your traps with our solid lures made from cereal and other ingredients.

Cylindrical in shape, they have a hole in the middle and fit in a variety of possum traps.

These hardy lures are specially coated to protect them from the weather and make them less susceptible to damage from slugs. And the longer they’re exposed to possums, the higher the catch rate.  

High rat numbers in your control area? Consider using our Terracotta trap lures instead to decrease rats interfering with lures.


  • Measure approximately 18x35mm
  • A range of lure scents to choose:
    • aniseed 
    • cinnamon 
    • cloves
    • jaffa
    • lemon
    • meat
    • passionfruit
    • peanut
    • raspberry

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