The wallaby population is growing rapidly in New Zealand. New Zealand has six species of wallaby which are the Black Tail or Swamp, Dama or Tammer, White throated, Bush-tailed, Black Striped and the larger wallaby, the Bennett's Wallaby. The most numerous and considered real pests are the Bennett's Wallaby in South Canterbury and Dama Wallaby around Lake Tarawera. Wallabies are a great threat to the regeneration of native forests. Wallabies also compete with livestock by consuming valuable pasture. One adult Bennett's Wallaby can eat as much as one sheep. Wallabies are marsupials having pouch young called Joey's. They are mostly nocturnal animals in the wild, but they do forage and catch some sun during the day.

Connovation have lures and poison baits designed for the control of Bennett’s and Dama wallaby.  To learn all about Wallabies, you will find information and advice on all you need to know including the best ways to control them humanely, how to place lures and poison, and how to use Connovation’s pest control products to achieve success. See our product brochures, best practices, product labels, safety data sheets and animal catalogues.