Rodent Bait Station - Tunnel

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Tunnel Rodent Bait Station

Note: As we are moving towards environmental sustainability, we will supply one key per 5 bait stations. But if you'd like more keys, we will ofcourse provide it at no extra cost.

The ultimate light at the end of the tunnel!

The most effective bait station to target rodents is one where they can see their escape route, which makes rats and mice highly interested in entering. So, we made a tunnel bait station instead of a box!  

Because it’s a tunnel, the Tunnel bait station also protects the bait by elevating and ventilating it – that means less invertebrates eating it or water getting at it. 

Use the Tunnel bait station with:

Secure the blocks onto the metal frame inside the bait station. The Tunnel bait station is ideal for around the house, sheds, or storage units.

For more options, see our range of rodent control products.


  • Achieves greater coverage – holds over 200grams of D Block bait 
  • Tamper-proof – bait is secured on a metal frame that makes it difficult for children, pets, and birds to access it
  • Easy to use – to fill and check bait   
  • Lightweight and reusable
  • Bait is ventilated and elevated – no wet bait and reduced bait predation by invertebrates
  • Highly visible – in white so can be easily located for re-baiting
  • Made in New Zealand – by us - Connovation!