Rodent control

Why are rodents considered pests in New Zealand?

Four species of rodents exist in New Zealand: House mouse; and 3 rat species – Ship, Norway, and Kiore. All are introduced and all are considered pests.

Rats are a serious threat to New Zealand’s environment. They raid the nests of native birds and feast on the berries, fruit, and seeds that our native birds rely on.

Historically, rats are responsible for the decline of the bellbird, robin, stitch bird, saddleback, and piopio. Today, with fewer species available, they prey upon small forest birds like fantail. Even our larger native birds such as kereru and tui are being killed by rats.

That’s why it’s essential we carry out rat pest control in and around our native bush areas. And starting with mouse and rat pest control in our domestic areas is an important step to controlling rodents across New Zealand.

Rodent control products

Got a problem with rats and mice? We can help, whether your problem’s big or small. Our rodent control products are more humane, environmentally friendly, and innovative.

We’ve got:

  • Toxins and traps – to deal with the rodent problem humanely
  • Bait stations – to put toxic baits and prefeed in
  • Lures and prefeed (non-toxic) – to attract rodents to toxic baits or traps
  • Warning signs – to protect yourself and others around you
  • Monitoring tools – to know what your problem is, how big it is, or if you’ve dealt with it

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