Rodent Bait Stations

Rodent bait stations

Our range of rodent bait stations suit all rodent control operations – big or small.

We have lockable bait stations for around the house, backyard, sheds or storage units to keep rat bait safe and away from children, pets, and non-target species.

For larger-scale operations and depending on the rat bait used, we have:

  • Fixed bait stations – heavy-duty plastic stations to place pellets or paste in
  • Bio Bag bait stations – biodegradable bags to place paste in, which are then stapled onto trees or posts

Why is it important to use a bait station?

Bait stations provide a place to put toxic bait and prefeed to:

  • keep it dry and fresh
  • prevent non-target species getting it
  • encourage target animals to prefeed before placing toxic bait (if you decide to prefeed).