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EPA Application Form

Download the Environmental Protection Authority application form to use Bait-Rite Paste for Feral Pig Control on private land.



Connovation Research

Connovation has a dedicated research team who work and collaborate closely with scientists from New Zealand and overseas to seek innovative solutions to New Zealand’s pest problems. Where toxins are involved, every effort is put into developing products that have a minimal impact on the user, non-target species and our country.

Find research posters and scientific reports below.



Alternative Toxins Downdload

Feratox for Wallabies Download

Humane Toxins Download

Minimising Non target Impacts Download

Multi-Species Baits Download

Advancing PAPP Products for Predator Control Download

Ratabate Download

Improvements in Control Tools for Tb Vectors and Other Animal Pests Download

Toxic Baits and Delivery Systems for Island Use Download

Toxicity of Cholecalciferol to Rats in a Multi-species Bait Download

Zinc Phosphide in Paste Baits for Control of Possums, Rats and Mice Download


Research Papers

Brodificaoum Themed

Environmental fate & residual persistenc of brodifacoum in wildlife Download

Brodifacoum residues in target & non-target species Download

Laboratory & field studies of brodifacoum residues Download

Brodifacoum residue analysis in water, soil, invertebrates & birds Download

Controlled Substance License

What is a Controlled Substance Licence?

A Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) is required to possess certain vertebrate toxic agents or fumigants. To purchase some of Connovation’s products you must have a CSL.

The CSL shows you have the knowledge, experience and competence to safely handle hazardous substances.

List of Connovation products requiring a CSL are as follows:-

Cyanara50 Cyanide Paste

Feratox for control of Possums and Dama Wallaby

Feratox for control of Bennett's Wallabies

PredaSTOP for Feral Cats

PredaSTOP for Stoats


How do I get a Controlled Substance Licence?

To obtain a CSL you need an Approved Handler Test Certificate issued by a test certifier that covers the substances you need to use. This means you are suitably trained and proficient in the use of these substances. Information on how to obtain a licence and all other relevant information on CSL's can be found on Work Safe New Zealands site.

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Product Brochures

Feral Cats

Feral Cats: Lure-It Lure Aerosols for Feral Cats

Feral Cats: Lure-It Lure Pump Bottles for Feral Cats

PredaSTOP: Bait for Feral Cats

Muscattract: Lure

Feral Pigs

Feral Pigs: Bait-Rite Bait Station

Bait-Rite Paste: Bait for Feral Pigs and Possums

Sodium Nitrite: Questions & Answers


Muscattract: Lure

Lure-It Lure Aerosols for Ferrets

Lure-It Lure Pump Bottles for Ferrets


Bait-Rite Paste: Bait for Possums and Feral Pigs

Chew Cards: Monitoring for Possums

Feratox: Bait for Possums

Feracol: Bait for Possums and Rats

Ferafeed 213: Lure for Possums

Ferafeed 215: Lure for Possums (repels rats)

Smooth-in-a-Tube: Lure for Possums

Lure-It Lure Aerosols for Possums

Lure-It Lure Pump Bottles for Possums

Ferafeed Pastes and Pellet Product Selection Guide

Sodium Nitrite: Questions and Answsers


Skunk Shot: Repellent for Cats and Dogs


B-Block: Bait for Rats and Mice

Chew Cards: Monitoring:Rats and Mice

D-Block Brochure: Bait for Rats

D-Block Extreme Brochure: Bait for Rats

D3 Rat One Feed Bait

Feracol: Bait for Rats

Ferafeed 213: Lure for Rats

RatAbate Paste Brochure: Bait for Rats

Smooth-in-a-Tube: Lure for Rats and Mice

Lure-It Lure Aerosols for Rats and Mice

Lure-It Lure Pump Bottles for Rats and Mice


Erayz: Lure for stoats

Predastop: Bait for stoats

Lure-It Lure Aerosols for Stoats

Lure-It Lure Pump Bottles for Stoats

The Price List

The Price List January 2016

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