Wallabies, non-native to New Zealand, have become a significant ecological and agricultural threat. Introduced in the late 19th century, wallabies have since expanded their range across the country, particularly in the South Island, damaging native forests, competing with livestock for grazing, and out-competing native wildlife for food sources. This proliferation...

Possums can not only be a nuisance but are also a threat to New Zealand’s biodiversity, affecting native wildlife and vegetation. Effective control of possum populations often requires more than just traps and toxins — it needs the right lures.  Lures are essential tools in pest management, designed to attract...

In the pursuit of effective rodent management, it is crucial to strike a balance between efficacy and environmental responsibility. Our specialised array of rodent lures is crafted to attract rodents through their senses of smell, sight, and taste, enhancing the success of traps and baits while minimising the ecological footprint....

Effective rodent management is critical for ensuring public health, protecting property, and preserving ecological balance. Connovation leads the way with a versatile range of rodent toxins, designed to tackle various infestation challenges effectively and more humanely. This guide will detail the specific applications and benefits of each product in Connovation's...

Possums are a significant pest issue in many regions, causing substantial environmental and economic damage. Connovation, a leader in pest control solutions, offers a range of practical and innovative possum toxins designed to control possum populations more effectively and as humanely as possible. There are options for both the professional...

Cam Speedy – Wildlife Management Associates Ltd, TURANGI Do you plant and harvest your vege garden by the moon?  Do you fish by the moon?  Many people do, and those of us that do, recognise the positive influence that following the rhythms of nature can have on our outcomes.  You...

In the realm of pest management, the Flipping Timmy trap has emerged as a groundbreaking tool. Designed with a blend of innovation, safety, and effectiveness, it's reshaping how we approach possum control. Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing the Flipping Timmy trap.

Connovation's D-Rat Trap Range stands out as a pinnacle of innovation in the field of rodent control. These traps are meticulously crafted to offer a combination of safety, ease of use, and effectiveness, making them an ideal choice for a diverse array of users, from young enthusiasts to seasoned professionals.

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The Ranger Mouse Bait Station is ingeniously designed to mimic a mouse's natural environment, thereby significantly enhancing its effectiveness in controlling mouse populations. This station is an indispensable tool for both professional pest controllers and individuals seeking a reliable solution for mouse infestation.

The Philproof Bait Station is an exceptional example of a versatile and effective pest management system. It's a beacon of quality in the field of animal control, designed to confront a variety of pests including possums, rodents, rabbits, and even more elusive creatures like feral cats and mustelids. This range of bait stations is a one-stop solution for those seeking to manage multiple species efficiently.

The Run Through Rodent Bait Station embodies a clever approach to pest management, perfectly engineered to exploit the natural behaviour of rats and mice. Understanding the innate caution of these creatures, the design offers them a visible escape route, which significantly increases their confidence to enter and interact with the bait station.

Pest control is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and safe environment in our homes, sheds, and storage units. Connovation offers a diverse range of bait stations and traps that cater to various pests, ensuring you have the right tools for effective management. Here's a comprehensive guide to the best bait stations for each pest and our recommendations.

Nestled deep in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is often lauded as "The Last Eden". A haven of unparalleled biodiversity, its unique flora and fauna have evolved over millions of years, shielded by isolation. Yet, this very isolation has rendered our ecosystems vulnerable to the onslaught of invasive species....

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The diverse landscapes of New Zealand present unique challenges and opportunities in the realm of pest control. As we progress from our beginner's guide, "Rat Trapping 101", this sequel delves into the advanced tools and tactics for rat trapping in New Zealand. With a plethora of products available, understanding their...

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New Zealand's unique biodiversity is a matter of pride, with its dense forests and rich wildlife. But invasive species like rats and possums have long been a concern, compromising the ecological balance of our land. Here at Connovation we are facing this problem head on, and an innovative approach to pest control is at the forefront of our focus.

While we have various tools in our arsenal to control these pests, few have been as promising and environment-friendly as the Double Tap pellet bait.

Click here to see some frequently asked questions at Connovation.

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Did you know 35% of the world’s wetlands have disappeared in the last 50 years? Here's a detailed overview about wetlands around the world and in New Zealand. Click here to read more.

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Rat traps come in many different styles and sizes. Find out how to trap, what type of trap works best and some quick tips on rat trapping!

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Eric Mattlin started trapping recently and with every success he's been over the moon.

Read more about his journey as a trapper. 

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Community project organised by Predator Free Franklin where free baits and traps are distributed to the members.

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Connovation's team member, Chris Brown is racing for a cause. Organised by Virtual Motorsport NZ, Enduro for Mental Health is a 4-hour race with all proceeds going to the charity.

Read here to learn more about the Coheed ESport Team and their cause.

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The latest of three Predator Free 2050 Ltd (PF2050 Ltd) development contracts have resulted in a high-interaction-rate trap, long-life scented lures, and an AI thermal camera that can be deployed in remote locations. 

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The Yellow-eyed penguins also known as the Hoiho (in Maori) are native to New Zealand and are known as the world’s rarest penguins. Here's a quick read on why they are considered as endangered species and what efforts are being made to protect them. 

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Connovation has partnered with the Department of Conservation’s Biodiversity Team to develop ways to use PAPP as a landscape control tool for the elimination of Stoats. Click here to checkout some latest updates from DoC.

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Imagine if someone designed a rat trap that your Nana would be happy to chuck up in her ceiling and clear and reset herself.

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Project Kiwi is the oldest community-led kiwi conservation project in New Zealand. From its base at Kuaotunu, north of Whitianga, the Trust administers an operational area of 2850 hectares on the Kuaotunu Peninsula.

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A little-known poison in the New Zealand's predator-free toolbox could humanely control the feral cats and stoats preying on native species.

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Greg and Serena Trillo had been on the lookout for another lifestyle block for a while when they were invited to view this 30 hectare property, north of Katikati. 

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Do you want to know what's been eating your fruit or helping itself to the chook's food?  We've got just the thing for you!

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Lure-It Aerosols.  Our Lure-It aerosol lures for possums, rodents and mustelids continue to prove a very popular choice by Councils to Contractors to Professional Possum Trappers and to General Public.

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Since 2011 we have had a registration for diphacinone hard rodent blocks, with the trade name D-Blocks. 

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Diphacinone the active ingredient in RatAbate Paste has a half-life of 2.8 days which means no bio-accumulation unlike brodifacoum which has a half-life of 113 days (fisher).

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In animal behaviour, neophobia refers to the tendency of an animal to avoid or retreat from an unfamiliar object or situation. All phobias are unreasonable sorts of fear that can cause avoidance and panic. 

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We have a variety of Ferafeed Pastes and also cereal Pellets which are used for baiting Possums, Rodents and Wallabies. 

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The EPA on 23 July 2015 removed the major stumbling block to the effective use of PredaStop for Stoat Control -  the requirement for users to notify occupiers of land within 3km of any intended bait station site using PredaStop for Stoats.

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I purchased some D-Blocks with diphacinone active ingredient to control rats and mice at my property which is semi rural.  When I received the product, I was surprised that mice were not on the label claim. 

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Sandra Goodwin from Landcare Okareka has reported that "Erayz rabbit baits are working well - guys have caught many mustelids in last month! Happy customers!

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Wellington residents have discovered they share their backyards with peanut butter-loving weasels, stoats and possums.

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We visit two sites, one in Manaia, Coromandel and the other in the Abel Tasman, that are trialing "Spitfires", a targeted, innovative method of pest control.  23 December 8.00pm to 8.30pm.

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From his office window Mick Clout can see the outline of Hauraki Gulf islands in the hazy distance. It is an appropriate view because the thriving presence of native birds on the predator-free islands.

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Connovation's trial of the Spitfire, a self-resetting, long life toxin delivery device designed for the continuous control of possums, stoats and rates.

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Geoff Marshall is based in Taumaraunui and contracts and carries out predator control work to protect blue duck/whio for Taumata Plantations Limited, Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Ltd.

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New Long Life Solid State Lures for Possums From Field trials of novel lures for possum control by Dr Jamie MacKay₁ Jared Waters₂ and Dr Helen Blackie₃ focusing on the Solid State Lures here are some key findings on them and some initial positive customer feedback too. The Solid State...