Effective Possum Control with Connovation's Innovative Toxins

Possums are a significant pest issue in many regions, causing substantial environmental and economic damage. Connovation, a leader in pest control solutions, offers a range of practical and innovative possum toxins designed to control possum populations more effectively and as humanely as possible. There are options for both the professional trappers with a Controlled Substances Licence [CSL] and for those who trap possums on their own properties and may not have a CSL. Below, we delve into the specifics of six such solutions, each tailored to meet different possum control needs and situations.

1. Double Tap Pellet Bait 6g & 12g

Double Tap Pellet Bait, our new kid on the block, is quickly proving its worth by delivering a "double whammy" effect against both possums and rats. This potent solution is designed to be strong enough for effective control while minimising environmental persistence, setting a new benchmark in pest management. The active ingredients used are the 1st generation anticoagulant Diphacinone and Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). Combining these two ingredients results in a faster-acting pest control solution than Brodifacoum-containing products, and less bioaccumulation for added safety for non-target species. 

With its faster action compared to similar products, Double Tap offers a more humane and cost-effective approach, reducing the amount needed for effective control. Available in 6g and 12g sizes, the convenience of not requiring a Controlled Substances Licence (CSL) for purchase or use makes it an accessible and responsible choice for those committed to sustainable pest eradication.

2. Feracol Paste

Feracol Paste is an adept solution for controlling possums. Its paste format is designed to reduce spillage, a common issue with solid baits, by sticking onto the bait stations. This ensures more effective pest management and reduces wasted bait. The paste is also water-resistant, maintaining its efficacy even in damp conditions. Notably, there's no need for a Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) to purchase or use Feracol Paste, streamlining the process for users. The active ingredient in Feracol paste is Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), is a naturally occurring substance that is toxic in high doses. Cholecalciferol readily biodegrades, making it the environmental choice thanks to its low risk of secondary poisoning and no lasting toxic residue. If ingested, Feracol is highly toxic to dogs, please keep the bait out of reach of any furry friends. Its user-friendly and effective formula makes it ideal for farmers, orchardists, and lifestyle block owners seeking a reliable solution to manage pest populations on their properties.

3. Feracol Striker 18g

The Feracol Striker utilises cholecalciferol in a biodegradable, wax-dipped bait station, targeting both possums and rats. It is often used in areas where protecting local birdlife is very important. Each Striker can kill one possum or up to five rats, depending on their size. Its weatherproof and biodegradable features ensure it breaks down in the field over a few weeks, often removing the need for cleanup. Additionally, it comes with appropriate bait station warnings on its cardboard backing and no need for a Controlled Substance Licence (CSL). Making the Feracol Striker another practical choice for farmers, orchardists, and lifestyle block owners looking for an effective and environmentally friendly pest control method. Note: If ingested, Feracol is highly toxic to dogs, please keep the bait out of reach of any furry friends.

The following three toxin options all require a Controlled Substance License to purchase and use. 


4. Feratox Pellets

Feratox Pellets are a highly effective solution for controlling possums, with the toxin securely encapsulated by a hard, brittle coating that prevents harm to non-target animals. With 120mg of potassium cyanide inside each capsule, these pellets are designed to provide highly targeted pest control for possums and Dama Wallabies. The pressure required to open each pellet is greater than non-target species (including humans) could exert with a bite, greatly reducing the risk of accidental harm to non-target species. 

These pellets are fast-acting and humane, ensuring that target animals die swiftly, often found near bait stations. The design minimises the risk of secondary poisoning; once ingested, the cyanide gas emitted is virtually undetectable, leaving no lasting toxic residues. Its efficacy in targeted areas has made it a favoured choice among conservation efforts and farm management practices. These pellets are made to be safer for people handling them, however, you do require a Controlled Substance License to purchase and use them. Always follow the safety sheets provided. 

5. Feratox Bio Bag 12g

The Feratox Bio Bag revolutionises possum control through its use in innovative, industry-standard bait stations. It provides a ready-to-use possum control option, with Ferafeed 213 non-toxic paste surrounding a single Feratox pellet in each bag. Each bag is meticulously sealed, preserving the freshness of the bait matrix that lures in target animals while safeguarding the toxic bait from environmental elements. Additionally, the bags are coloured blue, a hue that’s been found to attract possums effectively. This combination of features underscores the Bio Bag's role as a highly effective, user-friendly, and safe solution in possum management strategies. Providing an easy, ready to use pest control solution. 

6. Cyanara 50 Cyanide Paste 330g Tube

Cyanara 50 offers a versatile paste form of cyanide for possum control. Its high palatability and potent formulation ensure that possums are attracted to and consume the bait, leading to effective population control. The paste's adaptability allows for use in various baiting systems, making it an excellent tool for tailored possum management strategies. A CSL is required to purchase and use our Cyanara 50 Cyanide Paste. 

Connovation's range of possum toxins represents the forefront of pest control innovation, offering effective, humane, and environmentally responsible solutions. Whether through the targeted action of Feratox products, the versatility of Cyanara paste, or the comprehensive control provided by Double Tap and Feracol formulations, these toxins provide the tools necessary to manage possum populations effectively. As the battle against pest species continues, Connovation's commitment to innovation and sustainability remains a beacon for those seeking to protect their ecosystems and livelihoods from the impact of invasive pests.

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