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New Zealand's unique biodiversity is a matter of pride, with its dense forests and rich wildlife. But invasive species like rats and possums have long been a concern, compromising the ecological balance of our land. Here at Connovation we are facing this problem head on, and an innovative approach to pest control is at the forefront of our focus.

While we have various tools in our arsenal to control these pests, few have been as promising and environment-friendly as the Double Tap pellet bait.

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Eric Mattlin started trapping recently and with every success he's been over the moon.

Read more about his journey as a trapper. 

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Imagine if someone designed a rat trap that your Nana would be happy to chuck up in her ceiling and clear and reset herself.

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Lure-It Aerosols.  Our Lure-It aerosol lures for possums, rodents and mustelids continue to prove a very popular choice by Councils to Contractors to Professional Possum Trappers and to General Public.

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Since 2011 we have had a registration for diphacinone hard rodent blocks, with the trade name D-Blocks. 

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Diphacinone the active ingredient in RatAbate Paste has a half-life of 2.8 days which means no bio-accumulation unlike brodifacoum which has a half-life of 113 days (fisher).