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Eric Mattlin started trapping recently and with every success he's been over the moon.

Read more about his journey as a trapper. 

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Imagine if someone designed a rat trap that your Nana would be happy to chuck up in her ceiling and clear and reset herself.

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Lure-It Aerosols.  Our Lure-It aerosol lures for possums, rodents and mustelids continue to prove a very popular choice by Councils to Contractors to Professional Possum Trappers and to General Public.

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Since 2011 we have had a registration for diphacinone hard rodent blocks, with the trade name D-Blocks. 

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Diphacinone the active ingredient in RatAbate Paste has a half-life of 2.8 days which means no bio-accumulation unlike brodifacoum which has a half-life of 113 days (fisher).