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Conservation and trapping pests have become an integral part of every New Zealander’s life. Many of us are acing it at this stage by involving technology to control pests and most of us are doing our bit to support and increase the numbers of our native wildlife. Introducing trapping in schools to the growing community initiatives, we’ve seen a massive improvement in our environment.

We were privileged to have a chat with Eric Mattlin, who started his pest control journey only a couple of months ago and today it has become a part of his lifestyle.

“It was quite surprising to see so many pests only on my property. I am trapping heaps right now and there are still more”, Eric is stunned by how many pests there are in New Zealand and the dwindling wildlife only made more sense.

Property in Wairarapa Wellington


A couple of months ago, Eric along with his wife Jen bought a land in Wairarapa, Wellington. Eric was uncertain if the land was pest-free and was curious to find out. He started reading articles on trapping and discussing with family and friends. After a lot of research and a chat with Duncan MacMorran, he considered getting some traps from Connovation – one for each pest.

Flipping Timmy with the Smooth Lure for Possums, DOC200 for stoats and a few rat traps.

With a lot of trial and error, Eric has managed to trap a large number of pests – lot of rats, possums, hedgehogs and only recently he got a ferret (impressive, isn't it?)

Ferret and Hedgehog
Ferret trapped in DOC200


D-Rat Supervisor Max placed in a forest
 Rat trapped in Supervisor Max



Possum trapped in a Flipping Timmy
Possum caught in a Flipping Timmy 


It’s incredible and motivating to see so many pests being reduced from the environment. Eric says, “People will be surprised to know how many pests are around. I was surprised. If you aren’t already trapping, go for it. It’s all about learning with trial and errors and you will get there”.


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