Possum control

Why are possums considered pests in New Zealand?

Introduced to New Zealand in the 1800s, possums are considered a large pest problem across the country. The main reasons for this are the threat they pose to:

  • New Zealand’s natural environment
  • New Zealand trade and enterprise, which often depends on New Zealand’s natural resources 
  • New Zealand farming industries – possums in New Zealand are carriers of bovine tuberculosis (TB). They can spread the disease to other mammals such as deer and cattle.

That’s why possum control in New Zealand is essential to make sure we protect and enhance these valuable resources.

Possum control products

Got a possum problem? We can help, whether your problem’s big or small. Our possum control products are more humane, environmentally friendly, and innovative.

We’ve got:
  • Toxins and traps – to deal with the possum problem humanely
  • Bait stations – to put toxic baits and prefeed in
  • Lures and prefeed (non-toxic) – to attract possums to toxic baits or traps
  • Warning signs – to protect yourself and others around you
  • Monitoring tools – to know what your problem is, how big it is, or if you’ve dealt with it

Buy our possum control products individually or in bulk.