Possum Lures - Smells and Visuals

What is a lure?

Lures attract target animals to bait stations or traps. Lures can be:

  • a smell
  • edible (with a smell)
  • visual.

Possum lures - smells and visuals

Attract possums to possum traps and bait stations with our range of non-toxic lures that smell or are highly visual.

Possums are curious creatures and will travel long distances to investigate a new smell. Our Lure-It range includes scents like raspberry, cinnamon, and aniseed which aren’t that common in the New Zealand bush or backyard. So they're well worth checking out for a possum!

Our possum lures come in:

  • bottles – concentrated form or handy pump bottles
  • aerosol sprays – some include a white blaze
  • scented hard lures – made from cereal or terracotta that fit into a range of possum traps.
  • glow-in-the-dark visual lures – alluring for a possum and a handy aid for yourself.

For more options, see our range of possum lures that are edible and possum control products.