Possum Lures - Edible

What is a lure?

Lures attract target animals to bait stations or traps. Lures can be:

  • a smell
  • edible (with a smell)
  • visual.

Possum lures and prefeed

Attract possums to possum traps and bait stations with our range of non-toxic lures that are edible. These lures can also act as a prefeed to encourage possums to come back for the big hit – toxic possum bait.

Possums are curious creatures and will travel long distances to investigate a new smell. It’s even better when they can eat what they find. And that makes them keep coming back for more!

Our range of edible possum lures includes ingredients that are highly palatable to possums like peanuts, cereals, eggs, and golden syrup. 

They come in different forms to suit every possum control operation:

  • Paste
  • Pellets
  • Biodegradable Bio Bags and Strikers
  • Thick, sticky liquid in squeeze bottles

For more options, see our range of possum lures that smell and possum control products.