Wallaby control

Why are wallabies considered pests in New Zealand?

Wallabies were introduced to New Zealand in the 1800s and the population is growing rapidly. The Dama Wallaby around Lake Tarawera and the Bennett's Wallaby in the South Island are the most numerous and are considered real pests.

Wallabies feed on young plants and saplings which threatens the regeneration of native forests. They also compete with livestock by consuming valuable pasture. One adult Bennett's Wallaby can eat as much as one sheep. 

That's why carrying out wallaby pest control is essential to protect our native forests and valuable agricultural resources.

New Zealand has six species of wallaby: Black Tail or Swamp, Dama or Tammer, White throated, Bush-tailed, Black Striped, and the larger wallaby – Bennett's Wallaby. 

Wallaby control products

Got a wallaby problem? We can help, whether your problem’s big or small. Our wallaby control products are more humane, environmentally friendly, and innovative.

We’ve got:

  • Toxins – to deal with the wallaby problem humanely
  • Bait stations – to put toxic baits and prefeed in
  • Lures and prefeed (non-toxic) – to attract wallabies to toxic baits 
  • Warning signs – to protect yourself and others around you

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