Wallaby Bait Stations

Wallaby bait stations

Our range of wallaby bait stations suit all wallaby control operations – big or small. From biodegradable options to heavy-duty plastic, our bait stations are all proudly made in New Zealand.

Our range of wallaby toxins (Feratox pellets) and prefeed are designed to be used in bait stations. These can be:

  • Fixed bait stations – heavy-duty plastic stations to place pellets or paste in
  • Bio Bag bait stations – biodegradable bags to place pellets and paste in, which are then stapled onto trees or posts

Why is it important to use bait stations?

Bait stations provide a place to put toxic bait and prefeed to:
  • keep it dry and fresh
  • prevent non-target species getting it
  • encourage target animals to prefeed before placing toxic bait (if you decide to prefeed).