Wallaby Lures - Edible

What is a lure?

Lures attract target animals to bait stations or traps. Lures can be:

  • a smell
  • edible (with a smell)
  • visual.

Wallaby lures and prefeed

Attract wallabies to bait stations and bait sites by prefeeding with our Ferafeed 213 range of non-toxic lures. These lures are a highly-palatable prefeed for wallabies to encourage them to come back for the big hit - toxic wallaby bait.

Our Ferafeed 213 range includes ingredients like peanut butter and mixed grains.

It comes in different forms to suit every wallaby control operation:

  • Paste
  • Biodegradable Bio Bags
  • Biodegradable Strikers

For more options, see our range of wallaby control products.