Ferafeed 215 Paste (with rat deterrent)

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Ferafeed 215 non-toxic paste - for possum control

Has your possum control operation got a problem with rats ruining the bait?

Attract possums to traps and bait stations with our Ferafeed 215 non-toxic paste prefeed. Rats find it less palatable, which gives possums more of a chance.

Research shows prefeeding is the key to successful control operations. That’s because target animals become familiar with the flavour and delivery method of a non-toxic prefeed before toxic baits are given in the same way.

Use Ferafeed 215 non-toxic paste in permanent bait stations, or fixed bait stations like our Bio Bags that you staple onto trees. 

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  • Highly palatable to possums (not rats) – uses top-grade ingredients 
  • Ideal for possum control operations – where rats are ruining the bait before possums can get to it
  • Used by experts – the Department of Conservation and other leading conservationists and pest controllers