Possum Toxins

Possum toxins

Control possums more effectively and humanely with our range of practical and innovative possum toxins. A more environmentally friendly approach to possum control, our possum toxins provide a much lower risk of secondary poisoning for non-target species.

For a double hit, we have toxins that control both possums and rats at the same time – making pest control more cost-effective. These toxins don't require you to have a Controlled Substance Licence (CSL).

For more options, see our range of possum toxins that require a CSL.

How to use our possum toxins (that don't require a CSL)

Our range of possum toxins come in pellet and paste form and are designed to be used in possum bait stations.

Depending on the toxin, you can use:

  • Fixed bait stations – heavy-duty plastic stations to place pellets or paste in
  • Bio Bag bait stations – biodegradable bags to place paste in, which are then stapled onto trees or posts
  • Striker potato starch bait stations – biodegradable bait stations already filled with paste, which are then stapled onto trees or posts

Use a lure or prefeed to encourage possums to bait stations and toxic-bait sites. 

Refer to each product’s best practice document for more information on how to use the possum toxin.